South Dakota Death Records Search

Trying to find information on a loved one who has passed away, or attempting to get an official death record can be painful both emotionally and physically. South Dakota’s Department of Health’s Office of vital records helps you through this process and lessens the burden with excellent customer service and friendly people waiting to help you through the legal aspects of death.

Using the Office of Vital records is a very reliable way to search for your loved ones records or receive death certificates but if you only need information of a person or persons who have passed, you are also able to use VitalChek services. Either way, you will have a fast and efficient way to go through the legal transactions you need to will people to help.

Death certificates are available:
By mail – If you have any requests or questions the mailing address is the office of Doneen Hollingsworth, secretary of health:

Doneen Hollingsworth
Secretary of Health
600 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2536

In Person – The official state office of the department of health’s vital records section is the following:

South Dakota Department of Health
Office of Vital Record
207 E. Missouri
Suite1-A, Pierre
SD 57501.

Electronically – For more information or if you would like to find more listings of local offices the official website of South Dakota Department of Heath:

To contact the South Dakota by e-mail use the following:

Questions – You can contact the office of vital records from either of the following numbers:
(605) 773-3361
(800) 738-2301