South Carolina Death Records Search

With fast, easy to use instructions the South Carolina Division of Vital Records gives on their official website not only help you to maneuver through the hard and painful process of the legal transactions of a family death but make the time you spend worth while and less painful. You can choose to speak with a live representative or use the website.

Death certificates are available through the following:
By mail – If you are in need of the mailing address for the South Carolina office of vital records for business related transactions or requests their mailing address is:

Division of Vital Records
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

In Person – South Carolina’s office of vital records has many easy to access walk-in offices while can be found at the following link:
(You are also able to visit the main state office, which is located at the same residence as the mailing address.)

Electronically – For detailed information on ordering official death record certificates and other information the official website of the South Carolina vital records office is:

To e-mail the director of the vital records office contact:

Or if you would like to contact the director of customer service with a complaint his e-mail is:

Questions – If you need to contact the vital records office near you by phone, you can either use the link above or find a specific location or you can call the following number: (803) 898-3630

To contact by fax, use the following: (803) 898-3761