Oregon Death Records Search

Oregon has a well organized, up to date website that stands for the business oriented attitude and professionalism of the Center for Health Statistics. Finding information about family members who have died or getting the certificates you need can be easily done using their website, phone services or walk-in offices. 

Death certificates are available:
By mail – The mailing address of the Center for Health Statistics is:
Center for Health Statistics
Vital Records
PO Box 14050
Portland OR 97293-0050

In Person – If you would like to obtain information of vital records or obtain death records the walk in office location is: 
State Vital Records office
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 205.
Portland Oregon

Electronically – IF you need their official website for forms or appointments the website is: www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/chs/order/faqs.shtml

In some cases, you can use VitalChek rather then going through the states provided services. These services can require a small fee via credit card. If you would like to use these services, you can search online or call (800)255-2414.

If you need any further assistance or your questions where not answered by that phone number you can also contact these service providers at (800)669-8312.

You are also able to contact the vital records office about acquiring death records or information on deaths at the following e-mail: carol.a.sanders@state.or.us

Questions – To call for information or for anything you need not found in this article the number for the vital records office in Oregon is:
(971)673-1190 but if you need to fax a document you can fax (503) 234-8417