Missouri Death Records Search

The Bureau of Vital Records is responsible for birth and death records of fifty years or less. For earlier records, contact the Missouri State Archives. You will not be able to find any records before January 1st, 1910.

Within the state of Missouri, death records are public; only birth records are considered confidential. You are able to request a certificate in-person or order one via phone/online if you have all of the pertinent information.

To receive a certified death certificate, you must provide a Self Addressed Stamped Enveloped (SASE)
The search fee for one death certificate (one certified copy will be provided) is $13. Each additional copy is $10. These fees are payable by money order or check to “Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services”. All payments must be made in American currency, drawn on a United States bank, or issued by the United States Postal Service. Cash will not be accepted.

Death certificates are available:
By mail – by sending the fee and necessary information to:
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Bureau of Vital Records
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Please note: You should allow for two to four weeks for delivery. Any associated fees will be deposited upon receipt.
In Person – Any member of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will be able to accommodate you.
Electronically – You can use your credit card through Vital Chek. You will have to contend with additional fees of $9.95 for using your credit card and there is always shipping. If you should experience problems with the online ordering, please call Vital Check at 1-800-255-2414 or 1-800-669-8312 for assistance.

Questions – Call (314) 613-3016 to speak to them by phone.