Death Public Records Search Guide

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How to Search for Public Death Records Data in the USA

Public death records in the USA are considered vital records and are managed and held at the state and local government level, usually at the county of death.

For those doing genealogy research, you may be trying to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate or some other type of death record. You most likely need to contact the state vital records office to begin your search.

If you are looking to obtain a copy of a death record or certificate of someone close to you, you will also want to start with the same state vital records office.

Please note that most state and local government offices will restrict who can obtain copies of certified death certificate records and may also require payment to pull the records or to make you a copy of it. It may sometimes take weeks or even longer to complete the search process.

An Alternate Method for Obtaining Death Records Data:

A quicker option for finding death vital records is to hire an investigator or to use a paid online death records database company to search for these public records. Let’s take a look at both options.

Employing a private investigator is the most costly option.

Expect to pay more than $100 to simply verify a death date and obtain some other types of vital records. The positive thing about this strategy is you are normally guaranteed results and it requires very little work on your part.

The other alternative, using an online public death records database search is the lesser expensive choice.

You will normally conduct a no-cost preliminary look-up to ensure the website has data on the person you are searching for, then you will have to subscribe or pay to access any information the website has on the record found.

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